Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Commemorating, Celebrating, Cake-Decorating

These days, the Libyan community in the diaspora  is taking any opportunity to celebrate, and the recent announcement of Libya's new government on November 22nd was certainly a historic day to commemorate after nine months of war and four decades of dictatorship. So we gathered, we celebrated and, as it turns out through the unintended effect of the "great minds think alike" law, had a competition in nationalist cake-decorating. A band of red with strawberries, green with kiwi and black with blackberries - or liquorice!


  1. Amazing food photos! Everything looks and sounds delicious, and the Libyan-style handpainted dinnerware is gorgeous. Thank you.

  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    رائعة والاروع ان اللون الاخضر هواللون الاصلي الذي ينص عليه الدستور ويخطئ من يجعله باللون الاخضر العادي
    سعدت جدا بالشكل
    وارجوك اسمحي لي بنسخة من الصور .. بعد اذنك
    احترامي وتقديري
    ويسلموا الايادي

  3. ماشاء الله على تورتات التحريرو الاستفلال . الشكل حلو و
    الطعم احلى . اللهم اجعل ايامنا كلها فرحة و حرية
    تسلم الايادىة
    They are really nice and the taste is delicious as well.

  4. I have lived in Libya for 10 years when i was small.
    i liked your blog so much.Hope iy will continue always.

    Plrase can you also write the receipe of Halib bil luz.It was my favorite drink.
    Thank you

  5. Your blog is truly wonderful!! I loved the cake decoration. The flag is truly looking so sweet as a cake! I wish I could taste these wonderful delicacies!
    Thanks for your comment on Kashmiri Rogan Josh on my blog. I am happy to know that Libyan food and Kashmiri food are somewhat similar. Rista is a kind of meatball curry, in which the minced mutton is pounded with a little ghee and then these balls are flattened a bit. These are then introduced into a red boiling gravy to get a tasty rista dish!

  6. Beautiful blog! I am glad to see Libyan recipes and the photos are beautiful. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. have a great day/night

  7. Everything looks so delicious......

  8. When will you be back with another post? I am always returning here to salivate. Lovely blog

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone :) We're back with new recipes which we hope you will enjoy.

  10. Allah I was there in the libyan fest.
    it was in Stockholm,Sweden.

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  12. You blog is amazing and I have found some wonderful recipes which gave flavor to my life.