Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem! As Ramadan takes place in summer, many of us are fasting long hours this year, some of us over 20 hours. This is an opportunity to keep the objectives of Ramadan in mind, to think about how privileged our lives are, as well as to cleanse ourselves and recharge mentally, physically and spiritually. Wishing you all a month full of peace, serenity, and happy family gatherings around the iftaar table. And, of course, loads of delicious new food experiences!

Check out our Ramadan recipes, using the Ramadan tag. Take a look at some of our past Ramadan post-iftar sweets recipes below, from Knafa to Lugmet El Qadi. We'll be adding more recipes, both savory and sweet, throughout the month :)

Ramadan Sweets:

Baklava with Sweet Cheese Filling
Fritters in Syrup: Lugmet El Qadi
Arabic Milk Pudding: Mahalabia
Semolina Cake with Date filling: Basbousa bil Tamr
Ramadan Pastry with Shredded Coconut and Raisins
Nuts, Raisins and Shredded Coconut Pastry 
 Knafa Fingers
Dumpling Stuffed with Nuts and Raisins

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  1. Ramadan kareem ou koul aam wentouma hayin bkhir,

    happy to see you back on the blog and thanks for the lovely pastry